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You can feel better emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually & be free from the pain that causes it. We can help. Hopetree Counseling Center has a whole person approach to healing which means we work with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  We work with women, men, teens and couples.  Our specialties include eating disorders, anxiety/depression,  and relationship issues. 

Christian Counseling Vancouver WA

Hopetree Counseling Center exists to give you hope, healing & growth. We want to help you have a better relationship with yourself, others, & God.


We have a great team of professional counselors who will work with you to promote your health and healing.  If you are tired of the same old patterns in your relationships we can help you.  We understand that relationships can be difficult and  we also know that they can be a source of great joy and life giving when they are healthy. Counseling can help.  We are a group of professionals trained to help you move towards healthy living and healthy relationships .

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